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"The History of The Buffalo Soldiers" 


Buffalo Soldier History Facts​: Over 180,000 African Americans served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Of these, more than 33,000 died. Until the early 1890s, the 9th and 10th Cavalries constituted twenty percent (20%) of all cavalry forces on the American frontier. ​The Buffalo Soldiers explored/scouted 34,420 miles of uncharted terrain, opened more than 300 miles of new roads and laid over 200 miles of telegraph lines. ​Their officers were white, except for five men, West Point graduates Henry Flipper (1877), John Alexander (1887) and Charles Young (1889), and two former enlisted men, Benjamin O. Davis and John E. Green, commissioned at the turn of the twentieth century. ​​


Facts About Georgia Beginning! ​

In 1999 while attending the National Roundup in Greenville South Carolina, Frank “Renegade” Styles ran into an old friend (Carl “Road Dog” Laury). Road Dog was wearing Buffalo Soldier M/C, Florida Colors on his vest. This was the first time that Renegade had noticed the Buffalo Soldiers M/C after many years on the motorcycle set. Road Dog told Renegade about him starting the Florida Chapter. He later invited Renegade to the Buffalo Soldiers’ tent to meet some of the other members from the different Buffalo Soldiers M/C Chapters. During this time under the big tent on a dusty field in Greenville, SC, Renegade met Ken Thomas (Dream Maker), the founder and first National President of the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers/Troopers Motorcycle Clubs (NABSTMC). Dream Maker invited Renegade to a meeting that was being held in order to invite Buffalo Soldiers M/C across the United States to join and team up and become a part of the NABSTMC. Renegade attended the meeting and was very impressed with what he had seen and heard. Also, much love was shown among the Soldiers/Troopers present at the Meeting. Members consisted of Black men and women all about positive things, showing respect and representing the pride of all Motorcycle clubs. This was enough for Renegade to consider becoming a member of this organization that stood for what he was all about. After the Roundup, Renegade called Road Dog and inquired more about the Buffalo Soldiers and how to become a member. Road Dog informed Renegade of the criteria of becoming a member. Renegade petitioned the NABSTMC to start a Buffalo Soldiers M/C Chapter in the State of Georgia. The petitioned was accepted and approved and Renegade was awarded Colors representing the State of Georgia in November 1999.After receiving his colors and requesting and receiving a charter from the State of Georgia, Renegade Charge was to find positive individuals in the Atlanta Metropolitan area to become members of the Buffalo Soldiers M/C Georgia, chapter. Renegade talked to his brother Fred “Solo” Styles about becoming a member of the Chapter. Solo showed great enthusiasm and submitted his letter to Renegade for membership in the Georgia Chapter. In January 2000, Solo became the second member to dawn Georgia Colors. In June of 2000 Lock Dawg and DPort became the third and fourth members to dawn Georgia Colors. The Buffalo Soldiers M/C Georgia Chapter has grown and continues to grow since the chapter was started in 1999. The “First Ten” were: Renegade, Solo, Lock Dawg, Dport, Short Dawg, VA VA (First Female member), EL Dawg, Lil B, Smooth B, and Redd Dogg.Today, the organization has members all over the Atlanta Metropolitan Area and all are positive and upstanding citizen in their respective communities and professions. ​“YOU GOTTA BE TOUGH”

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